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EDGE Empower helps you achieve real and meaningful DE&I change, helping all kinds of investors and institutions to deliver on their ESG agenda.

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Meaningful, visible change for all investors and institutions.

Institutional Investors

For Asset Managers, Pension Funds and Development Finance Institutions, EDGE Empower is the single, integrated solution that helps you achieve a higher standard of DE&I – and show the world you hold yourself to it.
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Private Equity and Venture Capital

For Private Equity and Venture Capital, EDGE Empower offers a single, integrated solution that helps you achieve a higher standard of DE&I – and show the world you hold yourself to it.
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Our Insights

Avenues to assess Gender & Intersectional Equity

EDGE Empower helps you make DE&I change through our data-led approach

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Our approach

Cloud-based, SaaS platform – EDGE Strategy Tool™ – for gender and intersectional equity. Includes powerful benchmarking and predictive analytics capabilities.

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Independent third-party verification and certification.

Action plan definition and implementation monitoring.
Access to the EDGE community for learning and exchange.

The science behind EDGE

The way we measure gender equity is by looking at qualitative and quantitative processes and outcomes, where there are four key pillars.

Real. World. Change.

EDGE Empower brings all of our knowledge, tools and independently verified certification together.

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How EDGE Certification works

Once you’ve made the decision to get certified you get instant access to our EDGE Strategy tool. This is the first step on your 2-year certification cycle – where you will Assess, Accelerate, Get Certified, Monitor and Learn.

EDGE Empower analyzes your data and uses software to measure and benchmark where your portfolio stands on its DE&I journey.
EDGE Empower makes expert recommendations via a bespoke EDGE Action Plan – a plan tailored to your portfolio that is designed to help you improve and accelerate your DE&I strategy.
Lead certified
Get Certified
Once you have your EDGE Action Plan, you will get EDGE Certified at your correct level – Assess, Move or Lead. Now you can show the world your commitment to DE&I and focus on accelerating or maintaining it.
Throughout a 2-year cycle, EDGE Empower helps you continuously monitor your progress and supports you as you implement your EDGE Action Plan.
EDGE Empower contains a full library of knowledge, helping you solidify your DE&I strategy. You can also use EDGE Empower to connect with a network of DE&I and HR professionals to discuss best practice and exchange ideas.