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in the US
with Trusaic

The partnership between Trusaic and EDGE Strategy is designed to empower organizations in the US to achieve and sustain equitable workplaces

Trusaic’s PayParity

Trusaic’s PayParity pay equity software solution enables organizations to identify, monitor and eliminate pay disparities at the intersections of gender, ethnic origin/background, age, sexual orientation, and disability, and comply with evolving US and international pay transparency laws. The combined technology, resources, knowledge, and expertise of Trusaic and EDGE will enable organizations to identify and deliver their DE&I agenda and substantiate progress to internal and external stakeholders. It will also support those organizations in becoming eligible for EDGE Certification.

EDGE’s state-of-the-art technology can holistically assess gender and intersectional equity gaps and design a roadmap to close the gaps. Together, EDGE and Trusaic enable companies in the US to make meaningful and sustainable progress on workplace DE&I.

Aniela Unguresan
Founder, EDGE Certified Foundation