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An in-depth analysis of workforce data to benchmark and accelerate your organization’s progress towards DE&I

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Equipped with these meaningful insights, an action plan is recommended to further accelerate DE&I progress. EDGE Insights measure and analyze four key DE&I pillars.


Along the pipeline, across different types of jobs and different levels of responsibility.

Representation is a measure of diversity, Pay Equity is about equal pay for equivalent work, Effectiveness is effective processes to ensure equitable career flows and Inclusiveness is about the culture and experience of working within the organization.

EDGE and EDGEplus

EDGE Insights looks at DE&I through the lens of both gender and intersectional equity. This is because it is important to acknowledge all components of an individual’s identity such as gender identity, LGBTQ+, ethnic background and origin, age, working with a disability status, and nationality.


It is also possible to look at gender alone for organizations where their HR systems are only set to manage a binary view of gender. In some instances, this can be the necessary first step as gender can be legally tracked in all geographies and industries.

EDGE (gender binary)

Looking at women and men as two homogeneous groups, our data-led approach illuminates the actual level of equity and how disparities might be addressed.

EDGEplus (intersectional equity)

EDGEplus uses a more detailed analysis of diversity, encompassing gender identity, LGBTQ+, ethnic background and origin, age, working with a disability status and nationality.

360 Degree Action Plan

By taking a holistic look at your organization, including statistical data, policies and practices, infrastructure and workplace experience, the resulting analysis of the gaps between an organization’s intention, experience and impact in DE&I will result in a recommendation for an effective and targeted DE&I action plan.