Compliance: Simplified. Commitment: Certified. Competitive Advantage: Delivered.

Make DE&I a pillar of your sustainable success with EDGE Empower®

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Why choose EDGE Empower®?



EDGE Empower® offers you a holistic approach to meet DE&I compliance and reporting obligations, including pay equity and pay transparency regulations, CSRD reporting, EEOC submissions.


EDGE Empower® gives you a data-led clarity approach to DE&I and an effective approach to make progress.

EDGE Empower® prepares you for the independently verified EDGE Certification®.

Competitive advantage:


Accelerated by EDGE Empower® and given visibility by EDGE Certification®, your organization becomes recognized as the one to work for, buy from, and invest in.

Designed for 

Real. World. Change.

EDGE Empower® is the software solution that enables you to drive and track commitment, progress, and compliance of your workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) programmes; enabling you to use DE&I as a pillar to gain a competitive advantage with talent, customer and investor audiences.

EDGE Empower® helps you get your DE&I work done, your compliance obligations fulfilled, and your efforts and results recognized through an independent certification, the EDGE Certification®, at different stages of your DE&I journey.

Your DE&I strategy in one platform

Data-Driven DE&I 
Strategy: Prioritizing Impactful Action

Adopt a rigorous and proven data-led approach to inform DE&I strategies, select priorities, craft and implement impactful action plans.

with EDGE

Benchmark against peers and against the EDGE Global Standard, to bring a clear definition of what DE&I success looks like for your organization.

Compliance Made Simple

Simplify your compliance with pay equity, CSRD and other regulatory requirements.

EDGE Community:
Worldwide DE&I Expert Network

Exchange with and learn from the best DE&I experts from around the world.

EDGE Certification®: Elevating Credibility & Compliance

Prepare for the independently-verified EDGE Certification®, bringing credibility to internal and external stakeholders and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Be the diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization to work for, buy from,
and invest in.