Frequently Asked

The EDGE Certified Foundation grants EDGE Strategy exclusive rights to use EDGE Certification methodology; approves, trains and monitors the 3rd party certification auditors; oversees the use of the EDGE Seals by certified organizations.


EDGE Strategy prepares clients to become eligible for EDGE Certification through its integrated software platform, EDGE Empower®

EDGE Empower is a complete and integrated software solution, that streamlines and derisks DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) processes, and guides DE&I programmes.


The use of EDGE Empower allows organizations to become eligible for EDGE Certification for commitment, progress and success in DE&I.

EDGE Empower is a stand-alone online SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, that is kept separate to your HR system to ensure maximum data protection and control. It is possible to enter HR data manually into the platform, or download an Excel worksheet for streamlining the upload.

200 employees per country of operation is needed for an organization to fully benefit from the use of EDGE Empower. If your organization has fewer employees, please contact us to discuss other options.

EDGE Insights – Detailed workforce analytics, dashboards, powerful benchmarking against peers, new insights, and the EDGE Global Standards.


EDGE Certification – Independent verification by third-party auditors giving internal and external credibility.


EDGE Knowledge – Practical guidance and support, shaped by best practices and latest DE&I Thought Leadership.


EDGE Connections – An area of the platform for mutual learning, collaboration and best practice exchanges via a network of like-minded DE&I and HR professionals.

Pricing depends on the size of the organization in terms of headcounts and the number of countries of operations where the software is used. Please book a demo to discuss the pricing structure tailored for your organization.

On average organizations need to spend 5-7 working days effectively to gather the EDGE Empower inputs. A dedicated project team from EDGE Strategy will be there to support you using EDGE Empower.

An organisation’s HR data, its talent management and DE&I policies and practices, and an employee survey.

EDGE Empower provides you with downloadable reports, action plans, blueprints, dashboards, and much more. Book a demo to learn more.

EDGE is the gender binary approach to the use of EDGE Empower and looks at men and women as two homogenous groups.

EDGEplus is an add-on to EDGE and is the intersectional approach to the use of EDGE Empower and looks at men and women as diversified groups in terms of gender identity, ethnic background and origin, sexual orientation, age, working with a disability, and nationality.