EDGE Knowledge®

Practical guidance and support on DE&I policies and practices to stay current with the latest thinking to streamline and de-risk the DE&I process.

Real. World. Change.
Expert support for navigating DE&I policies & practices

DE&I is a journey you don’t have to take on your own.
EDGE Knowledge, delivered through the EDGE Empower® DE&I software, provides DE&I and HR professionals with practical guidance and support shaped by best practices and real‑world experience.

Ranging from ‘how to’ guides for DE&I policies and practices, to webinars and best practice examples, EDGE Knowledge is the component of the DE&I platform that gives the bigger picture around gender and intersectional equity to ensure your DE&I programmes are a benefit to all. It helps organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest in DE&I practices and thinking, which in turn helps inform, streamline and de-risk DE&I processes.