Delivering Real.
in the US
with Trusaic

In partnership with Trusaic, a leading global enterprise workplace equity software provider, we empower organizations in the US to achieve and sustain equitable workplaces.

How does this partnership benefit you?

The use of EDGE Empower with Trusaic’s PayParitySM provides an integrated solution that helps organizations in the US achieve pay equity and assess gender & intersectional diversity, systemic equity & inclusiveness of the workplace.  

With increasing reporting regulations, EDGE’s data-driven software verify progress and can lead to EDGE Certification, the leading global business standard for DE&I.  

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EDGE’s state-of-the-art technology can holistically assess gender and intersectional equity gaps, and design a roadmap to close the gaps. Together, EDGE and Trusaic enable companies in the US to make meaningful and sustainable progress on workplace DE&I.