Managing in a Time of Angst

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) today are navigating an era of significant anxiety, facing pressure from various stakeholders to implement meaningful and sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Despite the strong business case for DEI, many companies have faltered by failing to integrate DEI into their core value creation processes, executing inauthentic programs, and neglecting DEI metrics.

Initially, many companies embarked on their DEI journeys in response to civil unrest and a demand for change. However, the lack of strategic integration meant these efforts often fell short. Effective DEI initiatives can lead to enhanced innovation, better decision-making, and improved business resilience. For companies to truly benefit from DEI, it must be a prioritized, intentional, and measured effort across all organizational levels.

CEOs can take several steps to demonstrate DEI as a strategic priority. Forming a diverse DEI committee to guide strategy and track progress, setting clear representation goals integrated into hiring and promotion practices, fostering open dialogue about pay equity, upholding strict policies against harassment and discrimination, and incorporating DEI metrics into performance reviews are all critical actions. These measures can help embed DEI into the organizational culture and ensure lasting impact.

CEOs committed to fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces face significant challenges but also have the potential to lead their companies toward sustainable growth and resilience.

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Read EDGE’s Founder Aniela Unguresan’s Forbes article Managing in a Time of Angst.

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