A 5-Step Guide to Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Unlock the path to pay equity: our practical guide developed in partnership with Billie Jean King.

As regulations on pay transparency tighten and employee expectations rise, organizations that embrace pay equity and transparency will thrive. With more than one-fourth of the US labour force already covered by salary transparency legislation, and recent strengthened requirements in the EU, the need for action is clear.

Our guide, “A 5-step Guide to Closing the Gender Pay Gap,” is your roadmap to drive real change. Backed by reliable sources and packed with insights and actionable steps, this guide empowers organizations to implement impactful actions that eliminate pay disparities and earn recognition from stakeholders wherever they are in DE&I journey.

In this guide, you will discover a roadmap to close the workplace pay gap in your organization and its milestones:

  • Establish an authentic policy on equal pay
  • Measure and address the unexplained gender pay gap
  • Embrace an intersectional approach to understand how various criteria intersect in pay discrepancies
  • Develop a clear remediation strategy to build a gender-balanced talent pipeline
  • Maintain transparent communication to foster conversations around pay equity
  • Empower line managers to facilitate constructive discussions on pay equity.

The time for change is now! 

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A 5-Step Guide to Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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